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Oil Change Technicians

Posted: 05/12/2024

Oil Change Technicians
We are looking to hire a highly-skilled lube technician to maintain and service customers' vehicles.
The lube technician's responsibilities include:

  • Preparing detailed vehicle service reports
  • Replacing vehicle wiper blades and car batteries
  • Changing motor oil as well as transmission and brake fluid as needed
  • Be able to keep vehicle interiors clean while performing maintenance and servicing tasks.
Lube Technician Responsibilities:
  • Applying Lubricants to the moving parts of vehicle engines to prevent premature engine wear and ensure optimal engine performance
  • Lubricating wheel bearings to prevent excessive tire wear
  • Performing engine cleanings to prevent rust formation
  • Replacing cabin, fuel, air, and oil filters as required
  • Performing tire rotations to ensure even tire wear
  • Testing tire pressure and adding air as needed
  • Thoroughly inspecting customers' vehicles for oil leaks
  • Making recommendations for additional servicing based on initial vehicle inspections.
  • Notifying the Service Advisor when vehicle maintenance or servicing cannot be completed within scheduled time frames.
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